All food scraps collected by the City of Minneapolis currently go to the SET composting facility in Empire Township. It’s basically a huge area in the country with windrows of material carefully temperature controlled to kill pathogens and create beautiful compost.

Click here to play a video of the composting process at RRT created for Blake School by Rand Harrington. (WM is Blake’s hauler, our hauler is the City of Minneapolis).

Click here for an article by Meleah Maynard about what happens to your food scraps (click to page 8). Or click here for a comprehensive article by Lawrence Black.

How NOT to participate in an organics pilot – note plastic material that has not broken down. We need to make sure we use compostable bags that are certified by the U.S. Composting Council or the Biodegradable Products Institute.  No plastic ever.


This is more like it. This compost has been screened and is almost ready to go.



The compost is used in road-construction landscaping and other landscaping.

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